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I was born into a passionately Labour-supporting family. My great-grandparents set up the local Labour Party in Gravesend, Kent, in the early 1920s and went on to be borough and county councillors. All their children were in the Labour League of Youth. Every generation since have been active party members. My first political activism was delivering leaflets for Labour with my mum and siblings when I was about nine years old.

My motivation for becoming politically active myself was anger about the inequality, unemployment and cuts to public services I could see as a teenager in the Thatcher years. My parents were on benefits and lived in social housing and I couldn’t understand how... (read more)

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  • Positivity, pluralism and unity. My starting point is one of lifelong loyalty to the Party. I voted for Keir Starmer in the leadership election and I am delighted that he won. I want to work on the NEC to make his leadership a success; to reunite and rebuild a divided and demoralised Labour Party after four consecutive General Election defeats; and to get Labour into fighting shape for the next General Election. I will work constructively with anyone, from any tradition in the party, who is committed to its unity and electoral success. I am proud to be standing as part of a team of candidates from a wide range of political currents within Labour, all focussed on party unity.

  •  I’m Secretary of Labour First – and have been for many years. Labour first is a network which exists to ensure... (read more)

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