Eddie Izzard


I’m proud to be a member of the Labour party and I believe we can make it even better. That’s why I’m standing for the NEC.

I want everyone to feel welcome in the Labour Party. Our meetings and events should be open to all of our members particularly members who felt excluded from politics in the past.

Being an actor and performing stand up is what I do for a living, but being an activist has been part of me for a long time. I came out in 1985, joined the Labour Party in 1995 and I have now campaigned for LGBT rights, for the Labour Party, for Europe and have run marathons for charities for many years. I have campaigned against racists and fascists all over our country and around the world.

I have campaigned with Labour members in over 100 constituencies. What I most love about being a Labour Party activist is connecting with new and different people.

I am my own person, I am not standing for any faction. I am Labour and I always fight for us. I believe in equality, fairness, social justice and compassion. Most of all I believe in ending poverty.

I started my career performing on the streets of London’s Covent Garden. I never gave up when times were hard. Now I perform all around the world. I want all young people to be given the opportunity to follow their dreams.

I am a proud British European. By working together, taking on Brexhate and Trumphate, we can make a world where all seven billon of us have a fair chance in life.

I want to do all I can to help Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party take the fight to the Tories, building on our strong performance in the general election. A united Labour Party can beat the Tories whenever the election comes.

A vote for me is not a vote for politics-as-usual it is a vote for something different and new.