This page is for Labour Party members who are backing Luke Akehurst for election to Labour's National Executive Committee.

Luke Akehurst is standing as a “Labour First” candidate for Labour's National Executive Committee. 

The dominance of the NEC by Momentum is unbalanced, unrepresentative of the diversity of views among Labour members, and bad for party unity.

We need an NEC where all the traditions and currents of opinion in the Labour Party are represented, and work together to plan how to beat the Tories in the next General Election, not one dominated by one faction pursuing a narrow and partisan agenda about its own internal control of the party.

Luke brings a 30 year track-record as a grassroots campaigner against the Tories and Lib Dems, experience that means he can make a serious contribution to creating an election-winning Labour Party.

 Elect Luke, so together we can put the Labour Party – not Momentum – first.

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